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3 Functional Fitness Moves Jennifer Aniston Swears by for Longevity, Energy & Strength – PureWow


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After years of suffering through workout routines that left her feeling prone to injury, Rachel Katzman, founder and CEO of the functional fitness program Pvolve, knew there had to be a way to see results without seeing the inside of a doctor’s office. When she came upon functional fitness, Katzman was inspired to create the Pvolve method and its proprietary equipment, which you can try at studio classes in New York City and L.A., as well as via streaming service. The workout is a favorite of celebrities and influencers alike, including Jennifer Aniston, who recently joined the Pvolve team. Of Aniston’s involvement, Katzman says, “[Jennifer] found Pvolve through a friend and she saw all the amazing benefits early on, like more energy, being able to work out with some sensitivities in her body and still feel strong and sculpted throughout the process.” Below, Katzman shares three moves from Jen’s favorite Pvolve workouts.
Rachel Katzman is the co-founder and CEO of Pvolve, a functional fitness workout with studios in NYC, LA and online. In 2017, Katzman felt broken from high-intensity workouts mingled with scoliosis pain and knew there had to be a better way to get results. Then she found functional fitness and developed a low-impact, big results fitness method with a Clinical Advisory Board, expert trainers and unique equipment.
“Your workout should be moving your body the way that you live your life,” says Katzman. Defined as exercises that train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports, functional fitness aims to be just that: functional. The multi-joint, multi-muscle movements are designed to reduce risk of injury and improve quality of life.
“You would always hear two things when it came to fitness,” Katzman continues. “I stopped going there because I stopped seeing results, or I stopped because I got injured. I felt like it was time for the women’s fitness industry to evolve, and the combination of functional fitness and resistance equipment is how Pvolve was born.” Without further ado, three celeb-approved moves you can try for yourself. (These moves incorporate Pvolve equipment, but can also be done with your own body weight.)
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With the P.ball at your ankles and the Pvolve logo facing outward, put one foot through the loop and hook the strap around your other ankle. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and make sure the P.ball is centered between your ankles and pull up through the legs.
In a shortened lunge position, tap one foot behind you in full lunge, moving back to your original stance and moving your arms in opposition to your lunging leg. Keep the squat position throughout, with knees over toes and weight in heels. Repeat on each side.
Using the P.Band, look for the L and R printed on the inside of the gloves, indicating Left and Right. With the letter of your corresponding hand facing the inside of your palm, imagine you’re high-fiving your glove, then slip your fingers into the finger loops. Wrap the strap around your wrists to secure.
With both arms extended above your head at a 45 degree angle, pull hands and the band apart until it is taught, enabling resistance. Pull one arm holding the band downward, bending at the elbow and keeping your hand close to your waist. Repeat on each side.
This workout uses the Pvolve precision mat to inspire accurate footwork, and a pair of light hand weights (two to three pounds).
In a squat position, cross arms parallel in front of you, weights in hand, with your palms facing you. From the squat, extend one leg back into a lunge position, and opening the arms wide with chest standing tall. Return back leg back into the squat position, with arms crossed over one another as you began. Repeat on each side.
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